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"I love this place. My 4 year old learned so much... the time they took with him made all the difference in the world." - B.I.

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It's all fun and games at KidQuest


Our goal at KidQuest is to create fun and innovative environment to help our kids reach their fullest potential.


Our KidQuest licensed therapists are able to provide this in our state of the art 8700 square foot sensory gym that include: swings, zip lines, ball pits, slides rock walls, suspended bridges, and more.


We specialize in the treatment of the following:


Neurological Dysfunctions

Orthopedic Dysfunctions

Cerebral Palsy

Down ’s syndrome

Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder


Sensory Processing delays

Delayed Milestones

Decreased Motor skills



Visual Perceptual and Ocular motor 

Brachial Plexias

Scoliosis and Torticolis



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Occupational Therapy

The focus of pediatric occupational therapy intervention is to assist children in responding to everyday challenges in an adaptive and functional manner across all environments. Our licensed Occupational Therapists are trained to evaluate motor development and sensory processing to determine why a child may be having difficulty with various performance areas such as fine motor, gross motor, posture, visual processing, self-care, socialization, and play skills. Our therapists use a play-based, child-directed approach, which makes learning fun!

Speech Therapy

We provide speech-language therapy services in a play-based, sensory friendly environment.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists are trained to evaluate and treat children who have speech, language, and social disorders.  Our goal is to work with each family to help their child become successful in all aspects of life.

Therapy Programs

Our experienced therapists evaluate each child and create an individualized therapy program based on goals developed with the parent. Our therapists are certified in and include a variety of treatment approaches including:

Sensory Integration Techniques (SI), Neurodevelopmental techniques (NDT), 

Therapeutic Listening Program® Interactive Metronome, Brain Gym, Handwriting without Tears (HWT)  and Reflex Integration. We use the latest in brain research to guide our individual therapy programs. Parents are a vital part of their child’s therapy program and are encouraged to participate in their child’s therapy program as much as possible.

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